Many seniors begin thinking about senior photos the summer after junior year, and the ones who act early enjoy the beauty and warmth of a summer session! As the new year begins and these seniors enter the home stretch toward graduation, we would like to share some of our favorite photos of each of them, whether it is because of their creativity, aesthetic, or scenery. We are in love with each of these photos and enjoyed every senior this summer. Take a look!

Tori Bowen, Massillon Jackson High School

Fashion should be Tori’s middle name, and her whole summer session was devoted to her love for it. Complete with shopping bags, jewel necklaces, and countless accessories, her gallery well-describes her exquisite attention to detail. With the city, flowers, and water in her backgrounds, we were able to diversify and really have fun with the shoot. Take a peek at this trendy senior take on a gorgeous glam look!

Celine Kosita, Louisville High School

Celine’s flower-packed summer session did not disappoint with bright colors, beautiful foliage, and a look into her life as a majorette. Big smiles and hugs from family completed the session, adding to the life and vibrancy of the photo-shoot. Since many of Celine’s other photos have been featured on our Instagram, we would like to specifically showcase this stunning photo of her twirling.

Maddy Justice, Lake Center Christian High School

Maddy does not lack beauty or talent, and she definitely brought both to her senior session. She brought her accomplished golf game and the musical styling of her violin. To top it off, she brought creative ideas and props so that she could lay among beautiful flowers and sheet music to make for breathtaking photos like the picture shown.


Jenna Woods, Sebring McKinley High School

Jenna’s summer gallery of senior pictures displayed her personality and loves to a tee. Her summer shoot took place in downtown Canton where the fashionista put her love for fashion against city-scapes and nature scenes, and the use of props helped us to really emphasize Jenna’s self in her photos. Jenna loved ending her shoot at the waterfall because she knew many of her schoolmates would not have anything like it!

Megan Reese, Massillon Jackson High School

Megan is one of those seniors genuinely full of life, and her gallery of photos tells that story. She took advantage of summer’s flowers and natural beauty while getting to enjoy her love for tennis on a warm evening. We especially loved the pastel colors of her wardrobe as it tied together the happiness of the season and her session. Shown is her previously featured Instagram profile picture, and we love it, too!

Angela Lewers, Glen Oak High School

Full of family, fields, ballet shoes and moves, coffee, and city backgrounds, Angela Lewers was the star of a classic summer gallery of passions and pass times. We enjoyed playing with special elements, such as tulle, dancing, reading, and more, and we feel as though the shoot captured who Angela is as a senior beautifully. Embrace the elegance of ballet with this creative piece.

Jenna Molinari, Massillon Perry High School

Jenna’s summer senior photo session was elegant at times and playful at others. Her all white dress screamed class, and the addition of some of her favorite things to do like play the clarinet and drink coffee and read helped us to round out her gallery; not to mention, she willingly jumped into fields of flowers and working water fountains to add a bit of fun to her session. Sassy simplicity!

Tyler Zimmer, Massillon Jackson High School

Speaking of summer: no one has more fun doing it than Tyler. We got on boats to take his photos because he wanted a handful done while he was water-skiing. There is a first time for everything, and we are so excited to have experienced this one! We also went to the park to play with his troupe of Mini Coopers, his wonderful puppy, and the scenery. It was all a blast that we would definitely do again!

Leah Koval, Canal Fulton Northwest High School

Leah is a the perfect American girl, and this detail of her personality definitely found itself woven throughout her photos. We photographed her with her red truck, with an American flag, in fields of yellow flowers, with her horse, on the swings and around the farm. She handled the big area with grace and helped us move fluidly through various backdrops, props, and companions. We are loving this candid of Leah and her horse!

Gabrielle Bachtel, Massillon Jackson High School

Gabrielle’s summer senior photos included a hint of city and lots of wonderful summer foliage. And did we mention yoga? This zen senior showed us her moves while exercising exemplary style, giving her a gallery full of eye-catching colors and poses. We love seniors like her who bring us their greatest loves and put them in front of the camera. It is the perfect personal touch that only the senior can bring to the table!

Michelle Damron, Louisville High School

Flowers, floppy hats, fields, and fountains are just a few things we enjoyed playing with during Michelle’s senior photos. We also brought her love for marching band and style into the mix for the perfect feeling of summer. Her wonderful serious looks and smile brought everything together for a seamless gallery. Here is a photo of Michelle that has surprisingly not yet been seen on Instagram. We should change that!

Garrett Bachtel, Massillon Jackson High School

Garrett brought us his guitar and favorite car to make something great out of his summer session in the city. This senior came with a vision for his senior photos and an impeccable sense of style to match. Boys who bring ideas to the table make some of the easiest and most creative seniors to photograph, giving endless possibilities to their outcome. He was no exception; his gallery is full of life!

Sydnee Shankel, Louisville High School

Sydnee gave us one of the most colorful senior sessions for which we could have asked. Yellows, blues, and pinks were front and center in her photos, giving them a vibrant and inviting feeling. She could not have rocked summer fashion better for her senior photos, either. Just look at the flowery scenery and bright smile shown here because it is only half of the awesomeness that is Sydnee’s full gallery of photos!

James Mungo, Lake Center Christian High School

From a family that we have loved photographing over the years, James brought us the fun of going to a family’s personal favorite place and making it special in photograph form. He hurdled fences, sat in the tall grass, and made us feel at home while working through his photos and piecing together his gallery. We think that comes through for everyone who views it. We would not expect anything less from a Mungo!

Taylor Hannen, Louisville High School

Taylor really pulled off the transition from summer to fall with a wardrobe that has us dreaming of both. Here combinations of light and dark clothing against all of the greenery and fields cause her photos to truly catch the eye. We also had a beautiful evening for her session, where she specifically asked for a summer sunset shot, which turned out beautifully. We are happy to show it here!

Maria and Anne Zivick, Green High School

Maria and Anne brought their twin personalities and hobbies to a summer session with double the life and enjoyment. We had fun exploring their schools and tennis courts to find special moments to capture. These talented two really packed their summer photos with fun! Since they spent most of this shoot together, we thought it fitting to share a photo of the duo with all of their accomplishments as a tennis pair!

Isabelle Hysong, Sandy Valley High School

Isabelle is a busy senior who did her entire session at her school. Looking at her gallery, you would not know that her gorgeous outdoor shots with the tulle and puppies were at a high school, but they indeed were to make time for this three sport athlete to include all of her favorite things. We had extra fun doing creative edits with flying volleyballs and laying Isabelle in the equipment of all three sports. What an awesome senior!

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Written by Evelyn Aaron