Canton Area Seniors Graduate from KSP Model Program

Congratulations to the Class of 2017! You are graduated, and we are proud to watch you move on to bigger and more EPIC things! The seniors that we photographed in last year’s class were amazing kids with awesome talents, personalities, and styles. We are looking forward to seeing you all continue to be the rockstars that you are!

My favorite shoot was the floral shoot because Krystal handmade flower crowns for all of the girls herself, and the pictures turned out beautifully. The entire experience was something I would definitely do over again if I could.” –Taylor, Hoover High School

Canton Ohio Senior photographer and senior pictures High school photosTaylor will be attending Northern Arizona University in the fall. She will be majoring in biology and plans to attend medical school after undergrad.

Time for moving on

Most dear to us from this exciting past year at Krystal Scheetz Photography (KSP) are our 2017 Model Ambassadors. The program is still new as the 2017 seniors are our second team to leave us, and they taught us unmatched lessons about being a teenager in today’s world that have led us to improving our own business centered around YOU.

“A shoot with Krystal is not all about the pictures; it is about having fun and laughing with those you have become close with. Playing in the river was my favorite shoot, despite the cold, which was so much more bearable with the group. She has taught me that I am beautiful in my own skin and has allowed me to be a model, something I have always wanted to do. This experience will never leave me.” –Skylar, Fairless High School

Skylar will be working this fall and plans to work with horses. Her plan is to become a trainer someday.

Teenagers Invest in our Business and Hearts

Like many of our clients, this group of 2017 seniors had come from all walks of life. Different social groups, schools, and even counties made these ambassadors strangers to each other. Our photoshoots with this group were comprised of leaders and followers—the bold, loud, and strong along with the meek, soft-spoken, and thoughtful. The models complemented each other for an amazing effect on each other and KSP.

Canton Ohio Senior photographer and senior pictures High school photos“I saw joining KSP as a fun way to get out of Canal Fulton and make new friends, even though my favorite shoot was at Oser’s in my hometown with one of my best friends from high school! The experience allowed me to make new friends and feel more comfortable with myself and gain confidence in my appearance as a result. Krystal, thank you so much for the time that we had. I am going to cherish the pictures and memories you have given me forever. Thank you!” –Ben, Northwest High School
Ben will be attending Kent Stark next fall to study nursing, but he is still considering becoming a music educator.

The teenage role in society had never been apparent to us the way it was communicated by our graduating ambassador team. They taught us that teenagers are highly underappreciated as many adults see their generation as lazy and spoiled, but our experience with this group was the opposite. We have models ROCKING IT! Most them hold jobs, maintain over a 3.5 grade point average, and balance groups, sports, and clubs in and outside of school. They ignore teen drama and focus on the above with grace that has inspired our company members daily.

Canton Ohio Senior photographer and senior pictures High school photos“Krystal is all about loving yourself and finding beauty in anything every day. It is inspiring to spend time with such a sweet person who is handing you a new experience and a whole new group of friends that are all so very similar and yet so different.” –Hannah, Perry High School

Hannah will be attending college after high school to pursue a career as a dental hygienist or surgical assistant. She sees herself living and working in Columbus someday.

Each one of our 2017 seniors will hold a place in the heart of KSP. They poured out their hearts, desires, fears, and greatest efforts to us. Each model has embraced this business, flaws and all, to challenge us to be the best version of KSP every day. Our greatest hope is to witness their grandest adventures unfold. We want them to call us one day and tell us about every amazing thing that they have been up to on their own!

Canton Ohio Senior photographer and senior pictures High school photos“I had always planned for Krystal to take my pictures after following her on Instagram, so I decided to join the model team after Ben had. It led me to a whole new support system of awesome friends from all over the county and has given me awesome memories from shoots and the aftermath (like the group dinner at Steak N’ Shake). Krystal brought us all out of our shells with her inviting personality. She just wants everyone to feel beautiful and important. This is an experience that I will never regret!” –Evie, Northwest High School
Evie will be attending Walsh University next fall to study Integrated Language Arts and Graphic Design. She hopes to one day teach Yearbook and Newspaper classes!

A program in Progress

As the 2016 program came to an end, we looked forward to improving the experience for our 2017 ambassadors. Our main goal was to make this year even more enjoyable and fresher than before! We teamed up with vendors, such as YouBowIt, LLC and Peace, Love, and Little Donuts, to increase our presence in the community and have more fun with our team. We also wanted to make certain that our team had more bonding opportunities, so we added each of them to a GroupMe chatroom and organized coffee/ice cream outings to better get to know each other. The 2017 crew proved to be extra chatty and motivated to be a part of the program, and it is our hope that the upward trend continues with the 2018 group.

“I had heard that Krystal was amazing to work with, and I knew that her photos were amazing, too, after following her on Instagram. I joined her team after a couple of friends told me to apply. Throughout the process, I gained self-confidence and met some awesome people. My favorite shoot was right before I graduated when Evie and I got to introduce the new model team to the process of photoshoots and having fun!” –Brandon, Louisville High School
Brandon will be attending The University of Akron next fall to study Corrosion Engineering as a start to his career.

Thank you, seniors. Be rockstars!




Author Evie Aaron