Stark County Students go from Senior Photography Glam to Expressed Raw Beauty

Krystal Scheetz Photography photographed 32 students between the ages of 13 and 19 in their most natural state to raise awareness for the beauty within each person. We teamed up with Tina Slusser-Ley Photography to photograph over 60 teens and raise over $1000 as of August 5 for STOMP out Bullying and Suicide Awareness, and more funds will be raised through the purchase of prints in the weeks to come. Together, we are making a statement against society’s brand of beauty and embracing raw perfection.

Canton Area Teenagers React to Natural Beauty Photos

Pictures taken for Project Beauty made their debut to the public during Canton’s First Friday on August 4. The gallery was set up in John Strauss Furniture Showroom and Workshop in downtown Canton, where the wall of photos will remain for three weeks for those who were unable to attend the event. Other sponsors included Peace, Love, and Little Donuts of Canal Fulton; Tilted Tulip; n2 Publishing; and Copy Cat Graphics. The magical night showcasing natural beauty could not have been done without the efforts of these gracious businesses.
Of course, our most sincere thanks go to the young men and women who donated their time and money to take part in this movement. They acted with grace as they stood up to social norms and took pride in themselves. Here are some of their thoughts shared with us while looking at their displayed photos:


“When Krystal has taken my picture in the past, I have had makeup on, and I tend to favor a serious look on my face. I was surprised that Krystal chose to display a picture of me smiling and by the fact that I love my photo so much more than I expected. I thought I would hate seeing myself naturally in a professional photo, but that is not the case at all!” –Emily Breiding

“I decided on two things tonight: my hair does not need product in it too look good, and I am making my parents buy my photo. In all seriousness, though, I enjoyed this experience so much and would most definitely do it again.” –Ben Finefrock

I’m always a ‘have my hair and makeup done’ kind of gal, so I stepped out of my comfort zone to do this project. It paid off! I think that my picture turned out so cute with my cheesy smile and pointed feet, and I definitely learned that true beauty comes from the inside. Seeing my picture in the gallery was amazing and breathtaking.” –Hannah Huffman

Hard work paid off for this photo. It felt like it took 100 tries to get this photo to come out since we could not use photoshop, and I will always make jokes about getting whiplash in the process. I am so glad that the photo turned out so well, and I love it!” –Skylar Simers


“When I usually see myself without makeup on in a photo, I usually think, ‘Oh, gross!’ but even without my eyebrows filled in and everything else on my face, I think this picture looks awesome!” –Leah Koval

“This shoot and the photos were so different from past shoots. Instead of pictures that scream ‘BAM’ with us all done up, these photos are more natural with an understated sense of beauty.” –Jenna Woods


A Night to Remember

We would like to thank everyone who came to the gallery, shared their thoughts with us, and supported the project. It is important for today’s teenagers to see the beauty within themselves, and the crowd and sponsors were wonderfully encouraging as they faced a mostly forgotten

type of beauty. It is our hope that everyone who participated has found comfort in themselves and finds whatever it is that makes them confident.

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  – Krystal Scheetz Photography



*Krystal Scheetz Photography Specializes in Senior Photography in Canton and Akron, Ohio area. For more Information on Senior Pictures click here:Our Senior Experience

[Written by Evelyn Aaron]