When you were a kid, we bet you heard Winnie the Pooh say, “We didn’t realize we were making memories. We were just having fun.” Even if you have not seen this scene or remember it, we want to talk about how senior year of high school can just fly by while the fun you have results in memories you will keep with you forever. To remember those memories as best you can, we suggest that you take lots of photos to document all of the fun you are having in these last few months at school.  Take lots of pictures and create social media profiles that capitalize on all of the fun you are having! 

Let us talk about the moments we think you should cherish the most.

Winter Sports, Spirit Weeks, and More

Do not miss an opportunity to get out and have fun as cooler months come around and show the world while you do it! We have a few suggestions for photos we would love to see on your feeds:

  1. Get a picture with your school’s mascot, mural, statue, or whatever you have at your school while you are at a basketball game this winter. Capture what it means to be part of your community!
  2. Do not miss taking a picture on every dress-up day. We want to see your spirit-week or holiday costumes before break!
  3. Snap a picture of your locker decorations. We bet some of you really go all out on your lockers; do not ever forget what you looked at every day of senior year.
  4. In the school play soon? While the date of your musical/play may border winter and spring, we want to see you in it or supporting your friends regardless of the date.
  5. If you do a holiday gift swap with your friends, please share! Take lots of pictures celebrating high school friendships before you all go to different schools next year.

Spring into the Final Months of Senior Year

As the weather warms up (or at least we hope so in Ohio,) senior year becomes even more fun. Lots of seniors take this time to complete a last hoorah; do not miss a moment of it. We would love to see you posting pictures like:

  1. While you may want school to just wrap up already, take a picture of or with your favorite project! You worked hard on it, so share it with the world.
  2. College acceptance letters are coming in, right? Or did you just get certified for a profession? Your hard work has paid off; brag about it with a photo!
  3. All things prom: the shopping, the pampering, the flowers, the date, the best friends. Take pictures of everything at prom, but do not let your phones get in the way of having fun!
  4. Senior prank, ditch day, spirit day, and all things senior are great photo opportunities that you most definitely will want to document. Enjoy these moments forever!
  5. Last day of senior year. This day only happens once; snap a quick photo before the day is done.

Graduation: Your Time Here is Done

That is it. Once graduation is here, your four years as a high school student come to an end. There are lots of things to take pictures of, and maybe you do not want to miss any of it. Here are the things we think you should focus your camera on at graduation:

  1. Grab your bestie and take a selfie at graduation! Maybe you are going your separate ways next fall, and maybe you are not, but you achieved this together. Get a photo! 
  2. Rock your college gear! Get a photo with your college t-shirt under your gown while you get ready for the big day. What a great transitional photo between these times in your life, right?
  3. Mom and dad, sisters and brothers, grandparents, etc. Do not forget about your family! Thank them for supporting you through your education. They will always be there for you!
  4. Have someone snap a picture of you throwing your cap or with your tassels. Just have fun!

On Your Social Media

Your social media accounts should represent who you really are at this time in your life. Be positive, have fun, and take pictures. You will want to remember these moments of your life, and on your Instagram is a great place to document these! Plus, now you have awesome pictures to share!

As always, good luck, seniors! Have a blast, stay safe, and keep working toward your next goal!

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