Project Beauty 360 travels to Canton, Ohio where we have challenged young teens to step out of their comfort zones and in front of the camera without doing their hair or make-up—100% all natural. While our company focuses mainly on stunning senior portraits, we are taking the time to stand up to social norms and contribute our voice, time, donation, and efforts to a worthy cause. We want to show you that the natural you is beautiful.


The world’s view of ideal beauty is virtually unachievable; thus, Project Beauty 360 was born and continues to grow. It is our belief that true beauty is perfectly achievable, and it starts and ends with yourself. We want teens to accept their flaws and ultimately feel confident in their own skin.


The movement is not just for those photographed, though, but for every teenager in our local schools. Funds and donations collected at photography sessions will be donated to a Charity that will benefit area schools to help fund Anti-Bullying and Teen Life help groups. To take it even further, we have teamed up with local photographer Tina Slusser-Ley and various vendors to donate to the cause.


Join us on August 4, 2017 in the Downtown Canton Arts District for Canton First Friday at the John Straus Showroom, where we have a gallery to showcase photographs of over 60 participating teens in Project Beauty Sessions. We hope to see you all there joining the movement!



How else can you contribute? Donations can be made in many ways. Time, talents, and financial donations can be made to help spread the word or raise money for the cause. If you would like to support our mission to empower our youth, please contact us at [Project Beauty].


Our Impact So Far: Many teens fear having their photo taken without a stitch of make-up or hair product, and the teenagers photographed for this project were no different. We interviewed the young men and women that participated in Project Beauty as they were photographed and in a post-shoot survey, and most them responded to us saying that they learned during their fifteen-minute session that they could let go of the hairspray and brow liner and still feel flawless in front of the camera. For some, they conquered a fear of being seen in their plainest state and still felt radiant. For others, they found validation in their belief that beauty is within us.

 Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent,” which begs the question—has anyone ever made you feel as though you were not good enough?

The truth is that you and everyone that you know is 100% good enough to do extraordinary things, and the biggest thing that should never hold you back is your self-confidence. Beyond knowing your strengths, know your own beauty and embrace it. We are all uniquely and infinitely beautiful, and Krystal Scheetz Photography is ready to prove it to you.


“We live in a world now where people are criticized for just being themselves, so a lot of people, including myself, have all this pressure to be like everyone else… I’m really hoping with more projects like these, we will be able to break these ‘social norms’ and help everyone to feel confident in their own skin.” –Celine, Louisville High School

“[Participating] made me more confident in my natural self. After seven years of wearing makeup every day, I stopped a few months ago. It was liberating to set it in stone by doing this project.” –Carly, Hoover High School/Cleveland State University


“I personally don’t feel pressure to do my hair and makeup every day, but I was afraid to be photographed without it. Throughout the shoot, though, Krystal made me feel happy and comfortable, and I forgot that I had nothing to hide behind. I feel more confident in myself now.” –Kennedy, Louisville High School


“I have always loved myself, and I hope that through this project, others can learn that about themselves as well. People think that because I am heavier than society’s ‘look’ that I automatically have self-esteem issues, but that is not always the case. I will always love how I look inside and out.” – Kaitlyn, Louisville High School


“I am someone who struggles with acne/hyperpigmentation, which is not common in my field of study of broadcast journalism. I constantly feel like I should look ‘perfect’ to make the right impressions. During my session, I included a friend. It showed me that the people that matter do not notice the things that you try to hide because they see the pieces of your character that matter the most.” –Jamie, Hoover High School/Walter Cronkite School of Journalism


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Author Evie Aaron