“Every great story happened when someone decided not to give up.”

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Getting to know a Champion


Hannah Ohman is a Senior at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Canton, Ohio with the drive of a champion. Hannah has rocked her senior year despite the obstacles that littered her path. KSP loved getting to know Hannah this year during her senior pictures and as a part of KSP Model Team.


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True Grit

If you were told that every time you pursued your passion you may pass out and risk your health, would you continue to pursue? So many of us would try a new passion or just give up. Hannah choose to fight for her love of running cross country despite becoming derailed when she started to pass out during her races.

“My greatest obstacle in high school would be when I was diagnosed with Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD) after I had passed out while running in multiple races. I handled this by leaning on my support system (family and friends), receiving breathing treatments from Akron Children’s, and continuing to run in order to mentality overcome this obstacle.”



Despite health issues Hannah has achieved multiple state champion titles in track and cross country, is her class valedictorian, varsity athlete, national honor society member, teen court member, girls state delegate, key club member, and right to life member and more. Hannah also got to meet former Olympian Deena Kastor. Her perseverance and grit are key to her future.

Hannah’s faith had a huge impact on her ability to overcome these obstacles.

“God has been my comfort and helped me through a lot of tough times. He is always there and always willing to listen. He has impacted me by simply strengthening myself and more importantly my faith. I would tell God thank you for the blessings He has given me and thank Him for the amazing life I have.”


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Hannah plans to attend Ashland University in the fall to run cross country and track while majoring in forensic chemistry. Her personal dream is to work as a criminalise for the FBI. Her desire to study forensic chemistry because of her interest in forensic science and law enforcement.



Senior Memories

“Every memory I have of Cross Country Camp was the best. Perhaps the funniest moment came from our color runs. We would throw colored powder at each other. The powder would get into our mouth. The colored powder would temporarily stain our teeth and everyone ended up having different colored teeth which was hysterical.”

Hannah has had some really awesome school memories at St. Thomas Aquinas with Cross Country being dear to her. Winning the team DIII state cross country meet her freshmen year of high school was one of her favorite memories.

Outside of Cross Country Hannah spends her time doing her favorites things such as: walk her dogs, bake, weight lift, eat ice cream, watch movies/tv, and read.



Advice to 2020 Seniors

Hannah urges others to have more self-love and confidence. It’s something she tries to model in her own actions. She believes her generations weakest traits would have to be a lack of sensitivity and social awkwardness that comes from an obsession with social media and technology in general. She also feels her generations greatest traits would have to be the amount of self confidence they have for themselves. We asked Hannah what advice she would give to her underclassman and she said:

“The best advice I could possibly give to upcoming seniors would be to be yourself and never let others define who you are!”

Hannah Ohman

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