There is not a quotation that we could share to summarize the journey that Kennedy Keister has been on with us. For the past three years, Kennedy has been with us through growth, times of change, and countless photo shoots. This week, we want to share with you her experience as a model, a senior, and an all-around awesome person with unimaginable potential to do great things. 

Her Commitment to Us and Us to Her

We have gone to special events for Kennedy, made her the promotional face for Project Beauty, and included her in countless photo shoots even as an underclassman. She earned all of our attention through her hard work and dedication to our business; she says that her favorite part of the whole experience was meeting new friends. Kennedy has been included in the mystical fantasy photo shoot, fun ice cream shoot, casual denim session, and so many more, and we were very excited when it came time to do her senior photos.

You will be seeing more of her as we move into a more model-heavy season this winter as she finishes her last official year with us. Of course, we hope to see her again after graduation!

Meet Kennedy: Details on Her Past, Senior Session, and Future

Kennedy is a senior at Louisville High School this year and was recently accepted into her dream college, John Carroll University, where she plans to study biology on her path to becoming an orthodontist. She says that she is excited to enter college to meet more people and continue working toward her future goals. Although she is excited for the next chapter in her life, she told us to warn upperclassman of this:

“Enjoy it. High school goes by way too fast, and it saddens me to think I’m almost done, I feel as though I haven’t covered everything yet!”

In her senior photos, we tried to capture high-school Kennedy with all of her humor and bright personality. Kennedy was familiar with our team, and we knew her personality so well that posing her and preparing her for her experience was a breeze. She chose outfits that she felt matched her personality, both dressy and spunky, and took some chances on pieces that she has ended up loving on screen.

Her favorite photos were in her floppy hat that she was not even planning to bring. “I am beyond glad that I brought my floppy sun hat with me to my senior session because those pictures turned out AMAZING!” she told us. We loved the floppy hat, too, as it went so well with the wildflowers at her location. We always recommend accessories!

A large portion of her session was also dedicated to tennis, a sport that she competed in through high school and plans to continue at John Carroll. Tennis is a passion of hers that she has enjoyed for a very long time, and she earned a varsity letter junior and senior year. She has played both doubles and singles and achieved a personal record of 13-4 her senior season.

One of her favorite moments of tennis was winning the Louisville Doubles Classic her senior year without a loss for the day. To commemorate her high school tennis career, her mother and sister used tennis balls to add ‘2018’ to the fence on Kennedy’s court to mark the happy ending to an amazing season.

Final Thoughts

We asked Kennedy if there was anything else she would like to add, and this was her answer:

“I would like to thank Krystal, Doug, and Evie for all they have done for me. They have made me learn things about myself I never knew about! Just like any other tennage girl, I have some insecurities, but Krystal and her team showed me that my flaws are also beautiful things about me. I’m ever so grateful for the lessons they have taught me without even realizing it!”

She also added that her mother and herself are having a hard time choosing favorite photos.

As for us, we would like to thank Kennedy for the energy and love she has added to our business. Few models have been around for as much as she has been, and we appreciate her dedication and longevity. We cannot thank her enough, and we wish her well in all of her future endeavors. Kennedy, you are going to rock it! Keep in touch.

Krystal Scheetz Photography specializes in modern senior photography in the Akron/Canton, Ohio area. Click here to look at Kennedy’s full Senior Session. 

Written by Evelyn Aaron