“Go where you feel most alive.”

2018 Jackson High School senior, Tyler Zimmer, took our photography team on two adventures for his senior photos session, making for a gallery of EPIC photos and memories!

Senior Photography Finds Itself Off-Shore

For the Part I of Tyler’s senior session, he took us to the lake to get action shots of him water-skiing. Tyler has been water-skiing for five years, and considering his adventurous personality, he wanted his senior pictures to capture this passion.

“I love it because not everyone knows how to do it,” Tyler shares with us. “I also like the fact that if your having a bad day, you can release all your stress.”

Capturing these photos may have been difficult when trying to take photos of a moving senior while on a moving boat, but we think they shaped up to be awesome! Tyler tells us that he loved every moment of it.

Just a Boy and His Cars

Tyler says that he would not be himself without his family’s cars; that is why he chose to include three of his family cars in Part II of his senior photos.

“If you ask any of my friends what I like the first thing they are going to say is my cars and the second thing is skiing,” he says.

Tyler’s parents bought their first Mini Coopers in 2005 after seeing them in a movie. Since then, they have had four Minis, including Tyler and his brother’s first cars. In fact, this past summer, Tyler and his father bought a Mini to work on and eventually race on the race track. That Mini is still a work in progress.

Other Things We Loved About Tyler’s Session

We told Tyler’s family on the day of his second session that they had the best dog we have ever photographed. Zoey is definitely at the top of our list of favorite puppies!

Zoey is only two-years-old and one of the most well-trained subjects we have ever photographed. Although Tyler’s mom is allergic to dogs, Zoey’s undeniable cuteness brought her into the family per Tyler’s request. Tyler tells us that she is an important part of the family.

You may have also seen Tyler featured on our blog a few weeks ago in a post to help guide boys in choosing outfits for their senior photos because Tyler has a great eye for fashion that he tells us is rather simple. Here is his best shopping advice: “Just be yourself. Don’t let others bring you down! Also, go shop on the sale rack.” You heard him; we can all get behind those words of wisdom!

An EPIC Gallery

We love seniors that take us on THEIR adventures because we get to photograph the things that fulfill them. Tyler brought us all of his passions and joys in life, making for more fun for him and us while going through his unique senior photography process. Coupled with his impeccable fashion sense and undeniable charm, his love for the things he brought to us to photograph made for an awesome gallery of completed photos!

We want to wish Tyler good luck during his final year at Jackson High School and beyond! Keep pursuing your passions; we hope to see you doing awesome things!

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Written by Evelyn Aaron