Our clients for Senior Photos come from all over the Akron/Canton, Ohio area, and a key similarity connects them all: choosing what to wear during your session can be the most difficult part of having your pictures taken. Boys, have no fear. This week’s blog will focus on our favorite outfits for boys and the basics of how to choose what to wear simplified into three simple tips. 

Tip One: Vary Your Colors

Wearing all one color may seem like the key to matching, but it is really just boring. Say you’re wearing blue with denim: rather than wearing jeans that are the same shade as your shirt, add some variation by mixing light and dark shades. We would also suggest popping a white or colored t-shirt on underneath a black jacket with black jeans because there is so much value in breaking up the monotony of an outfit. You are more likely to pop against your background, and you your style points will skyrocket. Dude, add some color!

Tip Two: Layers Are Key

Guys, this tip can be as easy as wearing a clean, plain t-shirt under a few key shirts with which you plan to wear the same jeans. It can be as complicated as adding a few jackets, vests, and other layers to your session wardrobe. Regardless of your style, utilizing layers can help you to add more outfits to your session without spending too much time in the changing tent. Pairing two or three shirts with each pair of pants makes changing a quick and painless event. Save time and energy.

Tip Three: Pay Attention to Accessories

Your Senior Photos should embody your style. These pictures will represent who you were your senior year of high school for the rest of your life. Don’t forget to bring your nicest belt to pair with a dress shirt. Wear your favorite watch to make a statement. You will want to see yourself in your glasses for a few shots, or you can add some shades when you pose with your car. Lastly, we all know how seriously you take your shoe collection; bring your favorite pairs! Accessories add incredible importance to an outfit when they really add to your personal style. These extra small touches can really make your pictures show who you are!

Your Senior Pictures are some of the last professional photos that you will have all to yourself. No photographer wants you to regret your outfits years down the road. Making simple, stylish choices can make all of the difference. When you book with us, we are available for guidance in choosing outfits and matching pieces leading up to and during your session. It is the least we can do! Happy shopping and planning!

Krystal Scheetz Photography specializes in Senior Photography for boy and girls in Stark and Summit County, Ohio. For more information on booking a session with KSP, take a book at our Inquiry Pamphlet

Written by: Evelyn Aaron